Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 - how did that happen?!?

We have been working on getting our new home ( !!!) livable. Most everything is painted in gorgeous earthy colours. Our floors are waiting to be laid and our bathroom in still in pieces. But we are oh-so-happy! I wake up every morning and tell myself how lucky I am. I really am.
I have become slightly obsessed with making these little dolls. I found a tutorial online here. The photos were very helpful and each one only took about an hour to make.

The sweetie with the pink hair was a gift for my friend's daughter, Ella. She just turned three. Well, when Lil'G saw it she wanted one of her very own. So we picked out all the colours together and voila! Her name is Princess Ledora and she is very loved!

All of the materials I used were bought locally at a wee shop called Maplerose. I am not a huge fan of hand sewing generally but this was such peaceful work. The hand sewing went quickly, not especially neatly though. It is good practice, yes?
I am dreaming of all the sweet little dollies I can make! I think the next one will be a faerie of some sort. Oooooo....wings!

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