Monday, September 28, 2009

Wooly Wear

I seem to knit in fits and starts. I think I am like a lot of knitters - I get so excited about starting a new project, picking out the wool, casting on..And then somewhere the desire to knit leaves me and I have a load of unfinished projects waiting for my attention. With the cooler weather, I have again been inspired to knit. I finished a pair of socks for myself the other day! I love them. They are the Saguaro Socks (on Ravelry) and I knit them up with a wool from Diamond called Fancy Free. It is a merino alpaca nylon blend. So wonderfully soft and squishy!

I am finishing up a pair of felted boot slippers for Lil'G (Snugs from Pick Up Sticks). They are taking me forever! But I am on the second lining (pink alpaca) and all that is left after knitting that up is sewing them together and felting them! I have never felted anything before - on purpose that is! - so this is a bit of an adventure. Hopefully a happy one.
And I couldn't resist a 25% off sale at my LYS. Two skeins of Mirasol Hacho - destined to be another pair of socks for me.

I am going to try knitting two at a time on two circular needles. Seems simple enough...Famous last words.

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