Friday, October 22, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fresh Ink

I started my half sleeve last week! I am so stoked! I have a Dia de los Muertos calavera on my arm already so my artist is working that into the sleeve.

My arm is going to be covered in beautiful flowers. Mostly peonies and poppies (they are my absolute favourite flowers) with a few columbines in there too. The ink is being done by Graham at Thunderbucket Tattoo in Nelson. He just did part of the outline, the flowers are going to go all around my arm and up to my shoulder. There will be a little bit of colour.

In other news....My Etsy shop was featured on Whitney's beauty blog. She is a huge Etsy fan and likes to give Etsy shops some exposure. Thanks, Whitney.

Speaking of my Etsy shop, I am going to be doing an update later today.

Enjoy your day! x

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Time

We finished picking our pumpkins and squash the other day. I have never grown pumpkins before but I have grown squash - could they really be that much different? Well, the pumpkins weren't entirely orange but I picked 'em anyways. I was worried that they would get a frost and turn to mush. And then we would have been without jack o' lanterns come Hallowe'en. Can't have that.

Well, they are turning more and more orange with each day so I think they will be orange after all.

The Wee Beast and I started the squash and pumpkins from seed in the spring. It was really exciting for her to see them become a flowering plant, and then see the tiny pumpkins and finally to pick them. Can you tell she was excited? And proud?

I am so glad that she wants to learn about growing food. I am happy to teach her.
We are going to make some pies with the pumpkins...after they have done their spooky duty.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Giving Thanks

For us folks in Canada it is Thanksgiving weekend. This means an extra day off work, eating a beautiful meal and spending time with the people we love. Well, that's what it means to me. I usually host the holiday dinner at my house - I really love doing it. I feel very fortunate that all my family live close by. I would say that is what I am most thankful for because I love them all very much.

This is my grandmother's wedding china - I use it every occasion I can.
Especially when I have help with washing dishes.

I am in the process of cooking one of the largest turkeys I have ever had the pleasure of cooking. It is so big I had to purchase a new roasting pan and it is the only thing I can fit in my oven. Good thing my oven is huge. I always do a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner - roast turkey, bread stuffing with cranberries, mashed potatoes, gravy (mmmm, gravy!), cranberry sauce, yams and veggies. For dessert I made a cranberry upside down cake and will be serving it with a softly whipped vanilla cream.
I am really looking forward to hanging out with the family tonight. How do you spend Thanksgiving weekend? What are you thankful for this year?
Have a wonderful long weekend! x

Monday, October 4, 2010

Night Out

The Wee Beast was at her grandparent's house for the weekend so we got to do some grown up things! We went out two nights in a row!!! Unheard of. On Friday we went to the theater and saw Lucas Myers' new play, Deck. It was opening night so the theater was packed and the play was hilarious. If you're in the Koots, go see it. You will laugh. Guaranteed.
On Saturday night we went to see Gaudi. He is a dj from the UK and his show was wicked! What an amazing performer! My favourite part of the show was when he would play the theramin - he plays it like he's scratching records. It is awesome.

Today is a dreary day - we have the fire going and I think we will have a cozy snuggly day in front of it. Enjoy your day, wherever you are! x