Friday, April 27, 2012

These days...

...I have been trying to take it easy.  Truth be told, I find it difficult.  I like to be up and about doing things.  But I have been getting some cramping and some pretty brutal round ligament pain so I have been told to do a little less. So...I have finished work ( Woohoo!), have been slowly organizing my sewing area (the Mister built me some new shelves!) and getting everything ready for the Wee Babe set to join us.  This has meant sorting through the things I kept from my first baby, trying to figure out if we need anything.  Turns out, thankfully, we don't.  I have also been gathering the supplies needed for the home birth we are planning.  That has been finished too!
And of course, the knitting has continued.  I just sewed the buttons on this today:

 And because we cloth diaper, I have made some wool soakers:

I can't get this picture to flip!
Cute, huh!
I haven't shared very many pictures of my pregnant self, mostly because I feel huge.  Here I am at almost 32 weeks.  Seeing the picture, I don't look as massive as I feel. 


 I am off to go do some more organizing and knitting.  I think a cup of tea may be in order as well!  Have a lovely weekend! xo

Saturday, April 21, 2012

So far... this pregnancy I have had no terribly weird cravings.  I have really been enjoying oranges even though I am generally not a huge fan.  A lot of expecting mamas I have talked to have experienced this very same thing.  The other thing I have been wanting to eat is meat.  Lots of meat. 
I am normally a meat eater and eat it several times a week but I want to eat it every day, with every meal.  I would be perfectly happy to sit down to a perfectly grilled steak.  And nothing else. 
Also, I have been craving bacon. 


I made a bacon, broccoli, and mushroom quiche the other day. I had a pizza with pancetta, mushrooms, spinach and roasted peppers for dinner on Tuesday.  I made this sandwich minus the blue cheese for lunch a while back.  I have been contemplating what I could possibly eat with this.  I made spaghetti carbonara.  And this sandwich has been making my mouth water. Don't even get me started on bacon wrapped dates. 
I think I may have a problem. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Knitting: Beanies

I have finished a couple of little newborn beanies.  They are so fun to make!  I may have a problem.  Maybe some charity knitting is in my future.....
The first one is a little cabled owl beanie in a cotton wool blend.  I modified the pattern slightly (Rav notes) and love how it turned out.  I think I will only sew on one set of eyes.
 The second is a sweet little Leafy beanie in a leaf green cotton. 
The colour just refuses to photograph.  I followed the pattern exactly (Rav notes). I think it came out beautifully. Isn't the little leaf detail sweet?
Baby knitting is so much fun and is almost instant gratification since everything is so tiny.
I'm off to peruse some more patterns and then must get on making dinner.  Tonight I am making Pasta Carbonara with spring peas.  Mmmmmm!