Saturday, April 21, 2012

So far... this pregnancy I have had no terribly weird cravings.  I have really been enjoying oranges even though I am generally not a huge fan.  A lot of expecting mamas I have talked to have experienced this very same thing.  The other thing I have been wanting to eat is meat.  Lots of meat. 
I am normally a meat eater and eat it several times a week but I want to eat it every day, with every meal.  I would be perfectly happy to sit down to a perfectly grilled steak.  And nothing else. 
Also, I have been craving bacon. 


I made a bacon, broccoli, and mushroom quiche the other day. I had a pizza with pancetta, mushrooms, spinach and roasted peppers for dinner on Tuesday.  I made this sandwich minus the blue cheese for lunch a while back.  I have been contemplating what I could possibly eat with this.  I made spaghetti carbonara.  And this sandwich has been making my mouth water. Don't even get me started on bacon wrapped dates. 
I think I may have a problem. 

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