Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Time

We finished picking our pumpkins and squash the other day. I have never grown pumpkins before but I have grown squash - could they really be that much different? Well, the pumpkins weren't entirely orange but I picked 'em anyways. I was worried that they would get a frost and turn to mush. And then we would have been without jack o' lanterns come Hallowe'en. Can't have that.

Well, they are turning more and more orange with each day so I think they will be orange after all.

The Wee Beast and I started the squash and pumpkins from seed in the spring. It was really exciting for her to see them become a flowering plant, and then see the tiny pumpkins and finally to pick them. Can you tell she was excited? And proud?

I am so glad that she wants to learn about growing food. I am happy to teach her.
We are going to make some pies with the pumpkins...after they have done their spooky duty.

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