Monday, October 4, 2010

Night Out

The Wee Beast was at her grandparent's house for the weekend so we got to do some grown up things! We went out two nights in a row!!! Unheard of. On Friday we went to the theater and saw Lucas Myers' new play, Deck. It was opening night so the theater was packed and the play was hilarious. If you're in the Koots, go see it. You will laugh. Guaranteed.
On Saturday night we went to see Gaudi. He is a dj from the UK and his show was wicked! What an amazing performer! My favourite part of the show was when he would play the theramin - he plays it like he's scratching records. It is awesome.

Today is a dreary day - we have the fire going and I think we will have a cozy snuggly day in front of it. Enjoy your day, wherever you are! x