Monday, January 25, 2010

Here Come the Owls!

Here it is folks - the Owl sweater (pattern by Kate Davis).

This was the first garment I ever knit for myself and it was surprisingly simple. I started it early last spring, put it down for the later part of the spring, all of the summer and fall. I picked it up again just before Christmas and finished it last week. If you count only the time I was actively knitting, this sweater knit up quite quickly! I love this sweater - owls rock! The waist shaping is very flattering and it fits like a glove. I am finding the arms a little tight though. Could have done with a little more increasing there.

Right now I am working on a vest for Lil'G and want to get going on some more socks for myself. Where will I find the time!?!
Did some sewing last night too! I finished a pair of pjs for myself. Just need to be hemmed.
I am so much happier and relaxed when I am creating. How about you?