Friday, February 11, 2011

A Sweet Vesty

I finished knitting this up just after Christmas and have been wearing the heck out of it.

Sorry for the mess behind me. The best light was in the bathroom.

It is the Sexy Vesty pattern from Ravelry. It is so cozy and warm but because there are no sleeves I don't get over heated. It is so perfect. At first I wasn't sure about the width of the shoulders - they seemed a bit wide - but after wearing it a few times I began to like them. They remind me a bit of teeny cap sleeves. The wool is by Brown Sheep and is the Lamb's Pride worsted. I really loved knitting with this wool. The colours are so amazing and super saturated. It has this gorgeous sheen to it with a slight halo from the mohair in it. I have two more skeins in purple. They will become something for the Wee Beast.
I got tattooed on Wednesday afternoon. I am in the process of trying to finish up my half sleeve. I got the underside of my arm tattooed and let me tell you, that was a special kind of suck. I could barely get through the outline. Thank you, Graham, for knowing when to stop. So....I still have the shading and colour to do. Any suggestions for how to deal with that pain? I am thinking maybe a few ibuprofen to numb it out a bit? I will post pictures soon. Its really beautiful.
This weekend is shaping up to be pretty mellow which will be a nice change from the last couple. I am looking forward to doing a little more knitting ( I'm going to try and finish these socks!), some sewing and/or pattern drafting, some cooking and some vegging out.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend! xo

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