Monday, February 14, 2011

Love To You All!

We chose to have a little celebration of love yesterday since it just worked out better for us. We started the day off with sourdough waffles. Then, as the Mister's parents needed to leave for Spokane early this morning they stayed at our place last night. We had a lovely little dinner and a fabulous dessert. G. wanted to make "something fancy....with hearts...and CHOCOLATE!!!" So we made a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate butter icing and fresh strawberries.

This was my helper...!

G. demanded that I get out the piping bag so we could make it "fancy". She even helped squeeze the icing out.

The cake was delicious. It caused some major sugar induced crazy but we all had a sweet time.

On Saturday I took G. skating for the first time. She was a little scared at first but after a couple of rounds she didn't want to ever leave.

I think the smile says it all.
We are going again next weekend. xo

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