Monday, November 1, 2010


The Wee Beast loves Hallowe'en. I mean, what's not to love about it? You get to get dressed up in some wildly amazing costume, go out in the dark and bang on people's doors, yell as loud as you can and then eat candy and stay up too late.
We decorated the yard and front of the house in the afternoon.

G said she was making the house spooky and wondered if it might scare people away.
Then we carved our pumpkins - the one's we grew!!!

They turned out "very spooky"...

In town, the place to go trick or treating is the mall. Its warm and here that is a good thing. We have been know to get snow on Hallowe'en so for the little ones warm is a big deal.

We met my brother, his girl friend and my nephew (the ferocious lion!) there for a quick lap then it was on to our neighbourhood for trick or treating in the dark. G raked in the candy. She is very good at the yelling part. We are going to let her eat some of it but are going to trade in the bulk of it for a toy or book of her choice.
So her costume...
...was freakin' adorable!
She wanted to be a bunny last year but with our renovations in full swing I just couldn't get it together to make her a costume. So we bought one. So this year she still wanted to be a bunny. I had yards of this white stretchy terry fabric (I got it at a garage sale for a buck). I made a hoodie and just tacked the ears on - maybe she will want to wear it without the ears? The puffy tail was just quilt batting. She was in love with the tail and kept sticking it out and giving her butt a little shake. It was hilarious! As soon as the costume was finished she told me she had to wear it and would I please put on some David Bowie so that she could rock out?!? That just cracked me up.
She is already planning her costume for next year.
T. Rex.
I think I have to start planning exactly how I am going to make that happen.

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