Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Day

The first real snowfall of the winter! G was so excited when she got up and looked out the window this morning. I totally remember that feeling. I must admit, winter is not my favourite time of the year. Its the cold and the lack of sunlight. I pretty much spend as much of the winter by the fire as I can.

We made some snow angels in the back yard and did some "snow chasing". Then it was back inside for a simple comforting lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Mmmmm!
I have been doing a bunch of sewing for a little craft fair I am participating in. Doing up lots of little clutches. They are fun to make because they come together so fast. Instant gratification.
I also hemmed a gorgeous coat that I bought from this Etsy seller.

I got it in the spring when the thought of snow was so far off. I took about 5 inches off the length and it really made the coat feel more modern. Also, I'm a shortie so the length just overwhelmed me.
Hope you are all staying warm today! x


  1. what a pair of snow angels you are... the owls are being snowy but I am staying warm by the glow of my mac... lol.

    ps... where can I peruse these clutches you're working on?

  2. Haha! I guess that is an upside to having more than one - they keep each other amused sometimes!
    I will try to post some pics here or on my Facebook page before I put them up for sale. If there are any left after the sale I will probably take them to Global.