Monday, November 15, 2010

My kid is awesome!

She really is. As with any small child, she occasionally drives me completely around the bend. But she is a very cool little person. Here are a few reason why:

She loves (and I mean loves) David Bowie. She sings along.

She loves cars, hot rods especially.

She has a wicked air guitar stance. She puts up the horns.
She is funny. Really funny.

And smart.
She loves dinosaurs. The scarier the better.
This kid can draw.

She is really into lip gloss.
She gives amazing hugs.

And she is my daughter. She is the best thing I have ever done with my life.
I love you so much, sweetie. xo


  1. what a gorgeous post... and I'm with her on the David Bowie bit... good job mama!

  2. Wow, this post makes me want to have a kid! Dangerous post. But moving !

  3. AND she is so lucky to have YOU as her MOM!!! Because where does she get all those amazing trades from? (Especially the air guitar stance)hehe.