Monday, November 8, 2010


We have been laying kinda low this weekend. I have been dealing with a shoulder injury for over a year now. Its doesn't hurt all the time, off and on depending on my activities. Digging in the garden really aggravates it. Hunching over a sewing machine for long periods of time isn't the best for me. Lately I have been hurting more than I haven't. I have been using acupuncture as my main form of relief. Stretching helps too. But last week I started seeing a new chiropractor - she is amazing! There seems to be some degree of physiotherapy in her treatment. I am optimistic. That is saying a lot as I tend to be just the opposite of optimistic. This weekend I have been feeling fairly good. Yay!
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I wanted to share a finished garment with you - cutie pie pjs!

I got this super fantastic fabric on Etsy. I ended up reusing an old work shirt of mine for the main body of the top. The cuffs on the pants are from the same t shirt. I just copied an existing pair of pjs that G. loves. I used a 1/4 " seam allowance and the stretch stitch on my sewing machine. It is a combo of a long straight stitch and a zig zag. I think they turned out pretty wonderfully. I still have to sew on the neck binding, which will be in the owl print.
Today when I picked up my mail there was a little package for me. It was the Little Miss Death necklace that I got from this Etsy seller.

I love it! I believe the cameo is made from resin. I got to pick the colours, the setting and the chain length. This seller was fantastic! I will be shopping with her again!
I have been finishing up some knitting projects too - a new winter hat for me and I'm 2/3 finished with a vest for myself. Sometimes a little selfish knitting is in order. Pictures soon.
I hope you are all enjoying your extra hour of daylight! x

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