Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have been finding time to sew where ever I can.  I find that if I can get a half hour here and a half hour there projects will get finished.  Yay!  Admittedly they have been small and straight-forward projects.  Mostly pjs.  For kids.  Just before Christmas I managed to get not one but two pairs made for my cousin's little guys.  I used this pattern and some really awesome flannel and came up with these:

They were a huge hit!

My daughter gets a pair of mommy made pjs to open on Christmas eve and this year was no different.  She used to be into pink and purple and sparkly and floofy but this year she declared that she no longer liked those things.  Well, except for the sparkly.  So I searched for the perfect fabric for her pjs and when I found this cream flannel with owls, deer and squirrels I knew she would love it.
I used the same pattern as I did for my cousin's boys but made the girly variation.



Her pajamas came out quite large.  She is pretty teeny but holy huge.  I usually have her around to measure but she was visiting her grandparents and there were only 2 days left until Christmas so I just followed the pattern cause you know, it seemed in the ball park....  Oh well, at least they will still fit her next winter.  And maybe even the winter after that.

I also made a pair of awesome kimono pajamas for an awesome two year old girl:

 I am completely in love with the cuteness...


This is hands down my favourite pattern for kids.  So well written and you come up with a really beautiful garment.

Now I am working on a cute jumper/tunic for Lil'G.  So far, it is driving me a bit mad.  More on that soon.

Life has been crazy and exhausting but I am so happy when I can find that little bit of time to create something lovely.  Especially something so warm and cozy for the little one's in my life. 

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