Thursday, February 14, 2013


Lil' G has the stomach flu, hence the blargh.  She was complaining about a weird stomach this morning but she will often do this to avoid eating her breakfast.  So I sent her to school.  In all fairness, she didn't want to miss school because they had all sorts of fun Valentine's Day activities planned.  Well, about 10am I got a call from the school.  Blarf.  And more more blarf.  Poor kid is crushed to be missing all the fun.  I gently explained to her that it really is just another day and there will be other fun days at school.  Still crushed. 
At least she got her pouch full of Valentine's to bring home.  
She is quietly reading in bed, sipping on tea.  Hopefully napping.
I was going to make a fancy  schmancy dinner tonight because it is also our anniversary.  I always make us a nice dinner and this is how we celebrate us.*  This was also upsetting to Lil'G.  I assured her I would still make us a fancy dinner.  It would just be when she was feeling better. 
Poor kid.
Do I dare write more on food and cooking now?
I have to since I am so excited about this new cookbook I got about a month ago.  The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman.  It is fantastic!  I have been cooking from it a lot - the short ribs are amazing!  Truthfully, everything I have made from this book has been amazing.  I wanted to make something for my sister-in-law because she is awesome.  Also she was giving me a free haircut yesterday and I like to bring her something that she wouldn't normally get/make for herself (she doesn't bake).  Aaaaaand she loves chocolate so the brownie roll out cookies were a must. 

 The hearts were just too perfect. 

They are scrumptious.  Chocolatey without being too sweet, crispy and still moist in the center.  Perfect for dunking.  Yum!
I hope you all get to do something you love today!

* Our anniversary isn't actually on Valentine's day.  We don't really know when it is since we aren't legally married.  We just know that we started dating around this time in February.  One year we decided to pick a day to be our Anniversary.  We grabbed a calendar, closed our eyes and randomly pointed to a spot on said calendar.  My finger was pointing to the 14th.  So be it. 

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