Friday, December 9, 2011


We have had a bout of illness raging through our house for the past month and a bit.  I had The Flu That Would Not End and Lil'G ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.  That was very scary but she was extra brave and amazing.  The Mister got a cold for his birthday.  Poor guy.  Needless to say not much has been getting done except for the necessities (and sometime not even that!). This past week everyone has been feeling better and having more energy. 

I have been in the sewing room creating a sewing storm.  I have finished up a bunch of new bags and a custom order. 

They have reached their destinations and that feels really awesome. 
I am now beginning to think about my Etsy shop again and all the holiday sewing I want to do for my little lovelies.  On the list are some pjs for Lil'G, some softies for my nephew and sweet little Jasmin.  I am also knitting some holiday socks for some special feet.  And of course, I am knitting for myself too. 
Are you crafting for the holidays?  What are you most excited about?

Hope you are all staying warm and enjoying the winter season! xo

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