Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Cole Jack Thomas.

He was born on the third of June after a fairly short labour.  I was induced three weeks early because my blood pressure suddenly went haywire and as it turns out I was quite ill.  So it was better for me and the baby to be "less pregnant".  I didn't get to have the home birth that I wanted but I am okay with that. 
Cole is tiny but healthy.  We have been having some weight gaining issues so I have been nursing and pumping pretty much non-stop for two and a half weeks.  
G. is over the moon to be a big sister and I have been so impressed with how she has taken this major life change in stride.  She continues to amaze and inspire me every day.  I love that little girl.

I will try to post a little bit here and there but bear with me. Life is crazy right now.  I am lucky if I find time for a shower most days.
Off to smooch some baby cheeks!

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