Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I work with some really fantastic people.  Julia is one of the lovelies.  She and her husband have a farm on the North Shore of Kootenay lake. They were gracious enough to take us for a tour and introduce us to all their fantastic animals. 
Lil'G was smitten with the chicks.  They were a mix of heritage breeds and they were so cute.G got quite good at wrangling them and wanted to show us every single one. 


I loved the alpacas.  Their hairdo's cracked me up!  Did you know that they are related to camels?

The Icelandic sheep were very sweet and gentle and their babies were gorgeous. 


There were also two cows but they were very protective of their babies so we didn't get too close. 
And of course there were the requisite farm dogs.  Sweet and goofy and always up for a game of fetch. 

Thank you, Julia, for your hospitality.  It really made our day!

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