Monday, March 5, 2012

Its almost done....finally!

Some of you may know that we renovated our house a couple of years back.  We have been living in it because, well....its liveable.  The only things left to do were lay the hardwood floors and finish the bathroom.  The sink and toilet worked but our beautiful tub sat in the corner, un-plumbed and un-tiled.  We had all the tiles but neither the Mister or I know the first thing about tiling.  And we were unrealistically optimistic in thinking we would have the time to do it ourselves. 


Enter my awesome brother.  He really is one of the most fantastic people I know.  He owns his own drywall company and in his day to day he meets a lot of different people.  A lot of these people work in the trades as well.  So he hooks us up with a bloke who is a stone mason by trade ( The guy used to work in England restoring old stone churches!) but also knows a heck of a lot about tiling a bathroom. 
He has been tiling our bathroom. 


It is beautiful.  

Tomorrow there is a bit of touch up to be done and then it is on to grouting.  It is almost done!  I will share more photos once its all done.
I can hardly wait to have a hot-water-tank-draining-soak in my new bath.  xo


  1. oh so shiny and lovely... you will appreciate that bath more than any other, I hope you have stocked up on tub yummies for the occasion!!

  2. I didn't even think of tub yummies! I was blinded by the thought of all that warm water!