Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday Tune...

...a day late but Shambala happened.
This festival brings at least 10 000 people to our little corner of the world.
Town/work has been bonkers and getting anything done has been challenging. I have pretty much avoided downtown for the past week, with the exception of going to work. Here's hoping things begin to chill out a wee bit.
Today's tune is from the Reverend Horton Heat. He is playing at the Royal on the 1st of September. Gotta make it out to this one!

I love me some Sabbath...

The Mister used to play this song to our daughter while she was in my belly. It would make her wiggle and kick. When he played it for her once she was born, her little face lit up and she started to wiggle in time. How could I not include this song!


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