Sunday, July 3, 2011


Here's hoping the gorgeous weather is here to stay!
Friday was a holiday for us Canadians - we didn't do much. Just spent some time together. I did whole bunch of knitting and cleaning. Woohoo! We barbecued some burgers for dinner and roasted some marshmallows for dessert. Then G. stayed up waaaaay past her bedtime to go and watch the fireworks. Now, I have rarely been anywhere else for Canada Day fireworks but I must say, seeing them in Nelson is wonderful. They set them off over the lake and you see the reflection of them in the water and the twinkling lights of town as a backdrop makes for a pretty spectacular show. Not to mention the sound of them rolling back and forth between the mountains. Sure, they only last about 12 minutes but it is a magical 12 minutes!
We have been barbecuing a lot. Basically whenever it isn't pouring and sometimes even when it is. I was out there with an umbrella one day! And this potato salad has been my go to side dish. It is so delicious we have eaten it twice this week. I found the idea for it online but have changed out almost every ingredient in the original recipe (except for the potatoes) so I am calling it my own.

CreamyPotato Salad

12 new potatoes
(don't worry if you have more or less, the salad will still be fine!)

Season the potatoes with a little bit of salt and steam them until they are tender. Remove the lid from the pot and just let them sit while you prepare the dressing.

3 Tbsp. plain greek yogurt
1 Tbsp. grainy mustard
1 Tbsp. honey
juice of half a lemon, about 2 Tbsp.
salt + pepper
1 stalk of celery, small dice
1 green onion, sliced thinly

Mix all the dressing ingredients together and pour over the potatoes while they are still warm. Toss gently and enjoy!
* This would be really good with green beans fresh from the garden!

Today I am going to get a bunch of sewing done - I have to get some stock made to go on the road with the ladies from Very Hush Hush. They have a vintage Airstream trailer packed full of awesome-ness. This year they are going to the Edmonton Folk Festival. So if you are there and catch a glimpse of a silver Airstream, go on in, have a look and say hello!
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! xo

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