Friday, July 22, 2011

Buffalo and dinosaurs and lizards....oh my!

We got to go for a little vacation! Woohoo! This lovely little town I live in has a definite way of sucking you in so it is always nice to actually leave for a little while.
We camped in Silverton with my brother and sister-in-law and went to a very informal wedding reception. Congratulations, Colin and Ruby! Silverton is a stunning place to camp and I am sure we will go again.
Then we went to Alberta for a week and did some tourist-y things. First stop was Fort MacLeod. There is a Unesco World Heritage Site there called Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. The museum is absolutely amazing! It is dedicated solely to the lifestyle, mythology and technology of the Blackfoot people. Definitely worth a look-see if you are ever in the area. And take a little tour with one of the guides - the Blackfoot people are a verbal storytelling society (they had no written language) so to hear their stories first hand was pretty cool.

While we were in Fort MacLeod we got to see some stunning lightening storms and even an owl!
Next stop, Calgary. We were just there for a few hours for a little shopping. I hit Sephora (like a kid in a candy store I was!), then we all went to the LEGO store and had a ride on the carousel. The Mister went and got himself some Scotch and G. and I did a little clothes shopping. Then we hit the road, trying to make it out of Calgary before rush hour during Stampede week. Some though we were nuts for even going into Calgary during Stampede but it was no problem and we made it out alive.
Next stop, Drumheller. It is actually an amazing little town with lots to do. We camped in this fantastic little campground right in the middle of town though you would never have guess that you weren't out in the woods in the middle of nowhere.
Our first day was spent at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. It is full of dinosaurs! And it was the perfect destination for the little girl that has decided that she is going to be a palaeontologist when she grows up. Completely awe inspiring. The displays were stellar and we spent an entire afternoon there. G. was gobsmacked. Truth be told, so was I. And I have been there before. Another place to give a visit.

The next day we went to Reptile World. They have over 150 live reptiles there. Pretty cool.

Then we slowly made our way back to B.C. What a relief it was to see the mountains in the distance!

And as soon as we came over the Crow's Nest Pass you could smell the forest. That smell is home to me.
A wonderful adventure. One that we won't soon forget.


  1. awesome adventures!! I am so never going to reptile world... I have one fear only... snakes.

    I love the smell of the forest even more than silk ;)

  2. Wow that looks like the best family trip ever.
    Now that you're back, maybe you want to get together and talk fabric?
    Let me know... ;)