Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thoughts On Being A Mom

This morning I was woken up by my two sweeties, whispering ever so softly, "Happy Mother's Day!" I opened my eyes and there was my girl, holding a climbing rose for the garden and a beautiful card that she made for me. I was totally surprised! What a great way to wake up!

Being a mom is the most rewarding and at the same time, the hardest job I have ever had. I wouldn't trade it for anything though. I am constantly amazed by this little person that I made with my body. She is intelligent and funny and oh-so lovely.

I scooped her up in my arms this morning and with tears in my eyes (I couldn't help myself) told her that the day I became a mom was the best day of my life.

Happy Mother's day to all you Mommies out there. Hope you get some snuggles in! x

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  1. Hi Melanie, and Happy Mothers' Day.

    Your blog popped up in my Feedly RSS searches; it's set up partly to bring me art/illustration news and partly to keep track of anything related to Two Fingers so it seems to have triangulated on you!

    Thank you very much for listing us in your "Listen" section. Let me know if there's any of our music you'd like to have but don't own yet and I'll get it to you any way I can (doubleclick, squiggly sign, twofingersmusic dot com). The email's been a bit screwy recently, so if that doesn't work try the About section here:

    Beautiful photos of all your creative stuff, by the way. Nice cabling ;)

    - Joe (Doubleclick, Two Fingers)