Monday, April 25, 2011


....I am about to totally dork out. You have been warned.
I love my sewing machines. I currently own two - my work horse Singer that my dad gave me when I was in my late teens and my Brother Select-O-Matic that I inherited from my mom. I learned how to sew on it. It is a gorgeous blue beast from the early 60's and this machine has some serious chrome. It reminds me of an old car.

It is in serious need of a tune up though and has been out of service for a while. But it is my first love and started my fascination with vintage machines.
This weekend I bought myself a stunning vintage Necchi. All black and chrome.

I can't wait for it to get here! It is super heavy duty and will sew upholstery and leather which is a necessity for me right now.
And then later that day the Mister was riding his bike home and passed a free (yes! free!) sewing machine in a cabinet. It is another Singer and is very 70's, blingin' gold and sparkly.

He thought it would be great even if only the cabinet was usable. But after cleaning it up and oiling the bits and pieces it seems to work. Something is off though - it makes a strange noise - so I am going to send it to the shop with the other vintage machine.
I looked up a manual on line and it does some pretty cool things. There are these little discs that fit in the upper part of the machine, under the spool holder. From what I understand different discs make the machine embroider different patterns. Fancy! And also cheesy. I am not sure it is something I would ever use but its still a cool idea. You can also regulate the pressure on the presser foot which is super handy and not all machines have that capability.
Okay, dork out over.
What do you get all stoked about?


  1. very very lovely... and not the least bit dorky ;)

  2. I hear your dorkiness and it resonates deeply with current count I have 2 janomes, 2 husquevarnas, 3 singers (featherweight, a treadle and a wood-cased coffin top), a Kayser (treadle) and a mid-century Homeline. All of which I use, have used, or have restored in order to use. The Singer in your last photo is like the one I learned to sew on, that my sister now has in Kaslo...complete with dorky embroidery disks. Love the 70's, boyo. Enjoy them all. Machines are wonderful, especially ones of these vintages. :)

  3. I've got a bit of Serger madness at the moment. But i would definitely love to get my hand on a machine that sews leather as well.

  4. Thanks for all the comments. I am glad my dork-fest resonated with you all!