Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello again!

Where do I begin? How about with some exciting news....
Brazen handbags can now be found at the LiveArt Gallery in Kaslo, B.C.! Woohoo! If you are ever up in Kaslo go have a look at the gallery. They have some beautiful art for sale.
A few weeks ago I went to my friend, Kalika's, baby shower. The always lovely Julia and Mimi were the planners/hosts of an incredibly low key brunch. There were no atrocious baby shower games just delicious food and lots of fun conversations with some wonderful people. Julia and Mimi commissioned me to make a diaper bag for the soon-to-be mama and papa. They had a very specific idea in mind and I was so nervous about making this bag for them! In the end I think it turned out beautifully! They loved it, Kalika loved it....

...and I hope papa feels like he can tote it around as well.
I made the baby a little lamb (I have been saving this blue lamb's wool sweater for a long time. Finally a use for it!) and a sweet little pair of shoes.

I have been very busy with sewing, doing lots of custom work. I love custom and welcome it.
Message me if you ever have any requests!
I finally have my flower sleeve finished. Well, I'm still not sure if it is finished! The rest of my arm looks so naked! Tada!

I love the softness of it. The sheer girly-ness. Now I need to get something a little gnarly. Just to balance it out, you know?!?!
Hope you are having a lovely spring day! xo


  1. Thank you again for contributing your genius and talent into this baby shower! Oh my were there "oaaaah" & "huuuuu" about these gifts you made long after the baby shower was over...

  2. That is so very nice to hear! I had a wonderful time.