Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another one down....and so many more to go.

I have impressed my self this week. So much knitting and sewing, its making my head spin.
I finished this little hat for my friend's new baby. She is oh-so-lovely. The pattern is the Lil'Devil baby hat and it couldn't have turned out any better.

My friend's were horrified by the amount of pink stuff arriving so I decided to do something a little crazy and very much not pink. Seeing it finished I am certain they will love it!
I was supposed to get tattooed today but my artist is very sick so we had to reschedule. I took a vacation day from work to get that appointment so I just got a day off. It has been great. We slept in. I sat in front of the fire knitting a pair of slippers for my girl and had my coffee. Then after the Mister made us lunch he took G. swimming. I stayed home because I hate the pool. All the chlorine makes my skin itch and gives me a headache so I just stay as far away as possible. Instead, I had a bath, started reading a really good library book, made some tea and am going to knit some more.
So luxurious. xo

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