Monday, September 20, 2010

Lightning Fast

We went to Calgary on the weekend for a super fast trip. My cousin, Jordan, got married! He was so adorable - he looked a little nervous when we first saw him. Turned out he was. His wife looked absolutely stunning in her dress. His brother was his best man and his two sisters were bridesmaids. I wish we all lived closer because they are awesome people and I love them all dearly. But unfortunately we don't get to see each other very much. Congratulations, Jordan and Amber! Thanks for a wonderful evening!
I didn't get very many pictures - my camera was not liking the low light one bit. We got a few though.

The Wee Beast was all about the dancing. She danced with anyone who would dance with her. And that was mostly the flower girl . They were on the dance floor most of the night, tearing it up.

While we were in Calgary we took the Wee Beast to the zoo. She was so stoked!

And we couldn't drive past the huge dump truck without stopping to take a picture...

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