Friday, April 2, 2010


Today is Good Friday. We are not big on celebrating holidays in general. We really appreciate having a day where we don't have to go to work and get to spend some time together. I enjoy cooking a delicious meal and having some family over. My brothers are always up for a meal at my house. They love to eat! I am having my in-laws over on Sunday and at least two of my brothers.
But today the wee beast and I will be making hot cross buns. Yum! As a child we didn't really go crazy on the holidays either but my mom or dad always made hot cross buns. The sweet spicy smell of them makes me instantly nostalgic. I have a few recipes that I am going to combine and if my amalgamation works I will post the finished recipe.
I wanted to show you a little vest that I made for Grace. It is the Neighborly pattern from Jennifer Casa. This vest knit up so quickly! And Grace got to pick out any button she wanted from my collection. I used a cotton and wool blend yarn by Mirasol in a lovely turquoise shade (my favourite!). I absolutely love the finished vest. I kinda want one for myself!

I hope you all enjoy your day off! x

P.S. Its snowing! ♥


  1. sweetness... I want one in my size too... I look forward to the hot cross bun recipe... yum :)

  2. I don't know if I am capable of the math that sizing the vest up requires but I think I may give it a go.
    And the hot cross buns turned out to be scrumptious!