Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have been so busy lately. Spring has got me cleaning up a storm. Our house and property is an enormous mess after our fall renovation. I raked my yard up and there were piles of chunks of drywall and wood scraps that had been buried under the snow. Gross. So we have been trying to get the yard all sorted and get the beds turned and ready to plant some early greens. Thinking some spinach and kale under a cold frame. I would also like to start my tomatoes this weekend.
I have finally started sewing something for myself! I found this pattern ages ago on Burdastyle. Its a cute little pencil skirt with a sailor bib front. Looked simple enough. So I printed out the pattern, taped it all together, marked it all out on my fabric and got sewing. I have never used a Burda Style pattern before. The directions are quite minimal at times and down right confusing. I am a fairly experienced sewer and have a good understanding of how garments are constructed but this was rough. I finally got the directions figured out and everything was going well until I tried the skirt on. The pockets have this strange gathering and it just looked awful and lumpy. SO after much ripping and resewing and very bad words coming out of my mouth I decided to abandon the pattern and draft my own skirt front and back.
Instead of using the yokes that the original pattern used I just did up a simple high-waisted pencil skirt with darts and a back slit. I used the original bib as a guide for the shape of the skirt. As of last night it was looking pretty good. We'll see how I feel about it this morning.
Tonight a local boutique is putting on a fashion show to showcase all their local designers. I am super stoked because I am one of those designers! There will be a raffle, live music, and a donations jar. All the proceeds will be going to the Women's Center here in Nelson, B.C. A lot of non-profit organizations have lost most or all of their government funding of late so this is a really awesome benefit. Way to go Laura and Michelle!

*Sorry for the text-heavy post. We just got a new computer and have yet to transfer all our old files onto it.*

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